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2016 Boschi Pope Skate Off 2.0

With the amount of footage from the 2016 event--it was hard to squeeze it all into one video...


The First Annual Boschi Pope Skate Off

Boschi Pope ended the eventful summer of 2016 with this grand finale of a competition taken place at Hamilton Bridge Skatepark in NYC with guest judges Mike Johnson, Billy O'Neill, and himself...


Dave Hartnett: Hurricane in the Rain

While trying to get together to continue filming for an upcoming section we've been working on for Dave... The weekend came along with some bad weather...


Montre Livingston: A Liu Kang Into the Melting Pot PLUS behind the scenes

Before Thanksgiving and immediately after he just finished touring with Vibralux for his Trail of beers VOD, I reached out to Montre to see if he was open to fly up for a quick weekend here in NYC--Queens specifically--to blade, chill, and drink some beers. He took me up on that offer and showed up that same weekend...


Sam Grimm: One Night at Oil City Skatepark

Aside from occasionally seeing him at a local skate comp watching from the sidelines--catching up with Sam Grimm on a pair of blades is a hard task these days. He's a family man, a supervisor for a general contractor, and a student for another degree in engineering...